Meet the authors behind Writer's Room 51 & Newsroom 51.


Graduated in Audiovisual, Jessica Gonzatto is a screenwriter, director and has worked as cinematographer. Her first short film, Coagula, won the Best Short Award by the 1st FUCCA Sergipe Festival (2019) and was selected to festivals such as the 29th Intl. KINOFORUM (SP, 2018), the 46th Intl. Gramado Festival (2018), the Cine Esquema Novo (2019) and Pinewood Studios First-Time Filmmaker Sessions (UK, 2019). Her short film project Carcaça, written jointly with her partner Guilherme Zanella, was awarded the with the Best Project Award by MetroLab Curitiba (2018) and is scheduled for production in 2020 with her direction. She is a writer and content creator for several online websites and works constantly in research and audiovisual projects with Abrolhos Filmes (SP). Jessica has experience with soundtrack composing, singing, acting, dubbing, acting and academic research projects.


Born in the city of Porto Alegre, Guilherme Soares Zanella is a screenwriter with a degree in Audiovisual. Having 8 years of experience in the industry, Guilherme develops scripts for film, TV and web. He was also a reporter and editor of CULT Magazine between 2011 and 2012. In cinema, he signs the script of the project Ghost Towns, a documentary feature film produced by Galo de Briga Films in coproduction with Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre, Globo Filmes and GloboNews. The feature won the Best Brazilian Feature Film Awards at the 22nd It's All True Festival (2017) and Best Documentary at the Agenda Brasil Festival (2018) in Milan. On TV, Guilherme was responsible for developing the show Disconnected  (SundayTV, Sony Brazil Channel, 2011), Banquet: Gastronomic Experiences (Band/RS, 2015), Ghost Towns - The Series (Canal Brasil, 2018) and Banality of Evil (Prime Box Brazil, expected in 2020). Guilherme was also a scriptwriter for the Creative Center of the Casa de Cinema de Porto Alegre and has entered competitions and script labs such as SESC SP / SENAC New Stories Laboratory (2016), Plataforma_Lab (2016) and FRAPA Screenwriting Contest (2017).

Writer's Room 51 is an online showcase for audiovisual projects.

Newsroom 51 is an affiliate portal for articles & news about cinema, TV and streaming.

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